• First person shooters aren’t a genre I’m very familiar with. Aside from playing Duke Nukem 3D in ’96 I’ve never really been fond of the style of games. The Battlefield 3 beta test was my first taste of an FPS that I wasn’t sour on. In the world of FPS games, there’s a name that’s considered king of all others, Counter-Strike. Being a predominantly PC game, I’ve never crossed paths with Counter-Strike or any of its modded counterparts. So when Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was released for Xbox 360, I decided that maybe, since it’s on a machine that can play it better than my PC, I should have a go around with it.

    Firstly, I apologize to those who are fans of the series, this is my first time dealing with CS, so I know none of the ins and outs, or “old school” tricks used by the veterans of the game. Starting the game up, you get a very basic menu. What I noticed is that this game is straight up made for multiplayer. The single players modes are basically a training mode called Weapons Course that allows you to get familiar with all the weapons, and “offline with bots” where you play a regular game against AI bots. Playing with the bots will give you a good idea of how the maps are laid out and where the good camping spots are. Camping, if you don’t know, is basically where you stick around in one spot, and just pick off enemies who come by, or near, you.

    The game modes available, whether in multiplayer, or playing offline with bots, are Arms Race, Demolition, Classic Casual, and Classic Competitive. In all game modes you’ll be on one of two teams, Terrorist or Counter-Terrorist. My personal favorite is Terrorist as you get to be dressed as a business man with a duffel bag of weapons, and that’s just a funny visual to me, in a game. In Arms Race the object is to kill an opponent with every one of your weapons, 26 in all. Everytime you get a kill, you’re upgraded to the next weapon. Some of the guns are really good, and you can get a kill real quick, and some of them are single shots, and you need to be patient and wait for the right shot. It’s a good mode, other than the Weapons Course mode, to get familiar with all the different guns.

    Demolition mode is kind of like Arms Race, except that instead of your objective being to ultimately use every weapon through killing the enemy and upgrading weapons each time, now your objective is to either plant a bomb in a specific area dubbed the bomb site, or diffuse the bomb, depending on which team you’re on. The weapons being upgraded through killing enemies is still there but you don’t win if you get to the final weapon, you just have a stronger weapon. This is a very interesting mode as you have to take into account that you only have the weapons given to you at the beginning of the level, and you can’t buy a stronger weapon, you have to earn it. This especially becomes a mismatch if you’re getting dominated by a member (or several) of the opposing team, which means they’ll have stronger weapons and you’ll be stuck with your current weapon until you kill someone on their team, while also trying to protect/get to the objective. This might be my favorite mode in the game.

    Classic Casual and Classic Competitive are similar to Demolition, as you have an objective, but this time the objective changes depending on the map. You’ll either be planting/diffusing a bomb in the designated area, or dealing with hostages. The hostage missions are cool because you either win by getting the hostages to the safe zone, or killing all the terrorists. As a terrorist, your only job is to keep the other team from rescuing the hostages, which basically means you have to kill the entire other team. Also in this mode, you can purchase weapons, armor, and grenades for use in the level. When you are killed you lose all your purchases, but if you survive you keep your guns and armor, but not the grenades. The differences between casual and competitive are that, in casual, there’s no collision between teammates, and friendly fire is off, so if there’s an opponent across the way, and a team mate is in your way, you can shoot right through them to get to the enemy. And as I found out really quick, if you constantly fire on your teammates in competitive, or any game that allows friendly fire to be on, you’ll automatically be kicked from the game session, even if you’re the host.

    Control wise, this game isn’t the greatest in terms of aiming while walking. Trying to position the camera and crosshairs in just the right spot to get shots off can be the death of you, literally. Many times I was trying to line up a shot and got hit right when I found the perfect line of sight. You can go into the control options and mess around with the camera movement sensitivity, but that can also screw you up when someone runs by you and while you slowly turn around, you’ve already been shot 6 times in the head. That’s not to say the controls are a deal breaker, they’re just something that a lot of people are going to have to get used to in the process of playing this game. Once your find your comfort spot you’ll be able to headshot people with ease.

    Graphically, it must be understood that A) this is a game made from its PC origin, and B) it is an Xbox Live Arcade title. The graphics aren’t what one would call “realistic.” The character models look pretty good for an arcade title. The landscapes are all rendered pretty well, but it’s not like they were aiming to be realistic in their approach. That being said, if graphics are what you’re into, you’ll probably not want to get near this game. If you’re willing to put up with weird collision detection and unrealistic graphics, then you’ll probably enjoy this game.

    A couple of odd things happened in the game that I guess could be considered glitches. First, upon unlocking the game, I found that I couldn’t change weapons, shoot, or anything other than walk around and move the camera. I came to find out that none of the buttons were assigned. It’s a simple fix as you just go into the control options and set everything to default, but still, what is that? There’s also an issue with lag, mostly if someone with a connection that isn’t too fast is hosting. I’ve heard of lag glitches, where the game will randomly lag, but I, personally, never dealt with this.

    While it’s not the most graphically thrilling game on the console, and it doesn’t have the customization that other FPS games may have, it’s a good game for the price. If you’re into first person shooters, and have some friends who’ll also play this game with you, this game will be a lot of fun. If you’re a CS expert, and want a new experience, I think you’ll enjoy CS: GO, even without a mouse and keyboard. This is a good game that can help introduce a lot of console players to FPS games, if they’ve never dealt with FPS games before.

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    The TotallyGN Verdict

    • Awesome multiplayer modes
    • Terrorists dressed as business men
    • No real customization within the game modes which can make your favorite mode get repetitive over the long term



    Awesome multiplayer with little customization

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    • Format: Xbox 360
    • Developer: Hidden Path Entertainment, Valve
    • Publisher: Valve


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