• Homefront is the latest shooter from Kaos Studios and THQ.  In a highly competitive first person shooter market, Kaos has done an outstanding job in creating a memorable shooter that is in a class by itself.  The storyline in Homefront is what sets it apart from every other shooter out there.  There are a lot of shooter titles out there that will have you fighting in some far off land.  It is a pretty rare thing when you have a shooter that uses a real world locale and Homefront is by far the best shooter to do it yet.  Instead of fighting in a fictional, far away land, you are fighting at home.  The tagline for Homefront is “Home Is Where The War Is” and that point is immediately driven home the instant you start the campaign and find yourself in a tattered apartment while you see innocent civilians being killed in the street.

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    The year is 2027.  The Greater Korean Republic has invaded U.S. soil and taken everyone by surprise.  They conquered Hawaii first and then invaded San Francisco.  An EMP blast from a Korean satellite has fried every piece of electronic equipment in the United States.  As you are dragged from your apartment at the beginning of the campaign you will immediately notice how bad things have become.  The KPA (Korean Public Army) are performing atrocities everywhere you look.  You are thrown into a converted school bus that is now being used to transport prisoners to detention centers. It isn’t long before you are rescued and this is where the game really begins.  As you progress in the game you will bear witness to unspeakable acts committed by the KPA as they try to hunt you down.  You’ll have to fight through suburban neighborhoods, popular retail stores and, basically, everything you identify as “home”.  Even though the EMP fried everything, there have been a few people that have repaired some items, such as radios.  In between stages you will hear radio broadcasts from the “Voice of Freedom” who is informing all the American citizens listening of your progress and urging them to help the resistance in any way they can.  Kaos has done a great job here reaching an emotional level that most shooters don’t get to.  I absolutely loved the last level of the game and thought that it was a great climax to the story.  With that said though I do want to see what happens next and that is where I am hoping that Homefront turns into a franchise because I would love to see what else Kaos has in mind.

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    The only thing that I would change about the game is adding a cover system.  It would have been nice if Homefront featured a proper cover system where I didn’t have to be completely in the open to shoot at someone.  Having the ability to lean around a corner during some of those huge firefights would have helped a great deal.  The scenery and set pieces in Homefront look fantastic.  There were a couple of instances where I would just stop and look at the environment for a few moments because it looked amazing.  Homefront also features one of the most memorable stages that I have ever played in a shooter.  I enjoyed that level so much that I am going to go back and play it again as soon as I am done with this review.  As a matter of fact, I can forsee myself playing this game for a long time.  I fully intend on going back and trying to beat the game on the hardest difficulty.  That is a rare thing for me to do too as there isn’t even a handful of shooters where I will put myself through that.  In that regard Homefront has made a pretty elite list for me and that is one of the biggest compliments that I can give to Kaos Studios.

    Of course, the story is only part of the game with the multiplayer also bringing some new concepts to the table.  You can play the Homefront multiplayer either over Xbox Live/PSN or over system link.  One interesting new feature that Homefront has is the battle point system.  Battle Points act as the currency in the multiplayer and you will accrue them based on how well you are playing.  The battle points system is very much a risk vs. reward system.  If you have a tank barreling down on your position you can can quickly spend 250 battle points on a rocket launcher to try and defend yourself.  You can also use battle points on flak jackets, drones and much more.  The selection you have will be dependent on your loadout.  As you progress through the round you will be gaining a good amount of battle points.  What you have to decide is whether you want the instant gratification of using the points as soon as you get them or whether you will be patient for a bigger payoff down the road.  As I mentioned above, you can use battle points to purchase that rocket launcher.  Or you can save all of your points up until you have enough to buy a helicopter.  When you get killed you get a choice on how you want to respawn.  If you have enough points you can purchase a helicopter and then respawn into said helicopter and immediately start raining down death and destruction upon your opponents.  It is a pretty cool mechanic that could potentially change how the battle unfolds, if you use it wisely.

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    I know that one of the things that the development studio wanted to really focus on with the multiplayer was large scale warfare.  With that said Homefront features up to 32 person multiplayer, with dedicated servers.  There are four different modes to choose from with traditional team deathmatch, Ground Control, Battle Commander (ground control) or Battle Commander (team deathmatch).  Team deathmatch is pretty self explanatory while Ground Control is all about an evolving battlefield.  In Ground Control, when you first start out, there are three locations that you need to control.  You will battle it out with the opposition as you both try to dominate a specific location.  Once the round is over three new areas will be chosen and you will have to make your way across the map and try to do the same thing with that.  The team that wins the game will be the team that wins two of the three rounds.  If the KPA wins the first round and then the USA comes back and wins the second round, the KPA is forced to retreat to the original three locations and try to prevent those from being overtaken.  It keeps the flow of battle flowing nicely and it changes the map(s) up a bit so that you aren’t always fighting in the same spot.  Next is the Battle Commander modes.  These modes offer up some different types of gameplay as you will have an A.I. battle commander helping to coordinate your team.  In Battle Commander every player starts with a one star rating.  As you progress in the round you have the possibility of getting to a five star rating based on how well you are playing.  If you are on a huge kill streak then the battle commander might give you a mission to accomplish, such as taking out five more enemies, for example.  As you acquire more stars you will get more bonuses.  At the same time the opposition has a battle commander as well.  If you are completely dominating then the opposing battle commander might give his troops the specific mission of taking you out.  It will classify you as a “Priority Threat” and, depending on your rank, you might have the entire other team coming after you specifically.  “There are two different types of Battle Commander modes with one of them being under team deathmatch rules and the other under Ground Control rules.  The game ships with seven multiplayer maps to choose from with the Xbox360 version having eight thanks to the exclusive “Suburbs” map for Xbox360 gamers.

    Homefront - Review 4

    Overall, Homefront is a fantastic game.  It was one of my most anticipated titles for the first half of 2011 and it didn’t disappoint. Kaos has created a great shooter and, hopefully, a great new franchise.  For those who haven’t done so you should also check out the Homefront novel.  I finished reading it before playing the game for this review and it helped me understand some of the back story for the title.  The novel covers the events before the game and it gives you the origin to the “Voice of Freedom” among other things.  If you are a fan of the first person genre than Homefront should be in your collection.  It is a breath of fresh air in a genre that tends to recycle the same old thing.  In Homefront, home is indeed where the war is.  Will you join the resistance?

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    The TotallyGN Verdict

    • Great innovation in multiplayer
    • An entertaining storyline that hasn’t been done countless times
    • No cover system



    Homefront is a breath of fresh air in a genre that tends to recycle the same old thing.

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    • Format: Xbox 360/PS3
    • Developer: Kaos
    • Publisher: THQ
    • Release Date: March 15, 2011


    About The Author

    • sean

      I sure hope u r right because w so many games and fps’s this year, i hate to get screwed. I am playing k3 and i love the online. Its mere disappointment is the lack of online trophies…or hard ones. Otherwise, it may b the most polished fps online experience to date. Crysis 2 is coming and looking to bquite the powerhouse w an open campaign that lasts 15 hours, its quite appealing. I have loved the writer of homefront for a long time. I’m just worried that it might b a typical fps over a brilliant story. I am afraid that i will still b a war machine simply mowing down enemies. I hope i am underpowered and tactics are involved. I will not like the lack of a cover system and ill b quite upset, if like k3, i beat it in 5 hours. I love the battle commander, and i hope the MP is competent. It wont b a day one, but ur review has convinced m to try it. And i love the online trophies, hopefully i love the online.

    • Jay

      I’m stoked! I have it Pre-ordered and hope its as good as expected!
      I’m Not real happy that Xbox gets free content and PS3 doesn’t! 🙁
      Guess it evens out since PlayStation doesn’t charge for online play!
      ~*Power to the Players*~

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    • @sean – The single player campaign length is comparable to other shooters. I would have liked a longer campaign but that is just because I was really enjoying the story. I do hope that Kaos gets to make a sequel. Thanks to both you and Jay for your comments!

    • Sam

      I’m thinking it will be good, I’m pleased that the intense feeling of the campaign rubbed off on you. Were you able to test out the multi-player modes in depth?

    • @Sam – Yes I have played the multiplayer quite a bit and in my experiences it works very well. The new battle point system changes things up a bit and ground control is fun as well.

    • Jicky Jacks

      How are the controls and gameplay compared to a Call or Duty, Battlefield, or Halo? Want to get into a new a shooter, but not if the controls aren’t tight.

    • dave

      I’m playing it now! It’s ALOT of fun. But way way way to short. It’s a shame they didn’t get away from that part of other shooters- that recyling the big wrong thing in COD games….but surprisingly it feels alot different and better then COD

    • Pat (iluspook)

      One thing that kills fps multiplayer is balance. Homefront looked like more of the same, but it seems askew enough to be really interesting. So, Brandon, about the multiplayer…I realize it’s very early and you can’t possibly have a huge amount of knowledge on crazy exploitations yet, but can you foresee any potential balance issues cropping up (e.g. nuke in MW2)? Thanks for your replies, and your review! 🙂

    • Travis

      Excellent review. It Sounds like Kaos worked hard to create an excellent story accompanied by solid shooting mechanics and a super multiplayer. I can’t wait for Tuesday to pick up my pre order of this and yakuza 4. Man I’m busy with games atm with Dragon Age 2 and Torchlight dominating my game time right now. But it seems Kaos has given me reason to take some time to enjoy the great campaign they have created, while also enjoying the multiplayer for months to come!

    • @Pat — As you said it is early and even though I have spent a good amount of time with the multiplayer the general public hasn’t. I don’t think there will be any balance issues on the scope of the nuke in MW2. In fact, the Battle Commander mode(s) is set to try and counteract that from happening. There will always be people who try and “break” a game though. If there was any balance issue concerns I would say it would have to be on the PS3 version (as far as consoles) simply because of all the currently problems they have with hacking. I know that Black Ops is a mess on PSN right now and, hopefully, Homefront doesn’t follow suit. Hopefully nothing comes up though and everyone can just enjoy the game. Thanks for visiting the site and for the kind comments.

    • i think homefront will be very big for the market but will it take over CoD only time will tell…to be honest there is another shooter coming soon..and as been around as long as them..this gamr could be very big and it BF3 “Battlefield 3” with DICE and EA behind this
      build i am hoping BF3 gives what BF2 did for me many years of gaming
      of fun..BF2 was perfect online shooter, ok it was a bit plain ! but it worked..lets hope HomeFront and Battlefield 3 can bring many years of gaming without the need of a new game coming out the next year like HomeFront 2 “The Zone” or “on there ground” etc to make a good game work its the online it needs to look at for long time and thats more multi player maps, and i mean 1 per month would really work..think about everyone would love to see 1 new map per month..anyway why the BF2 work was “us” the gamers could make our own maps some where stunning as good as DICE’S lets hope people behind the game’s does not forget that..and give us somethink we really can use….

    • Joel

      How are the kills? A bit of a sadistic question lol, but seriously how are they? Sometimes that’s what “kills” a shooter for me, if the death and death physics aren’t ultimately satisfying and somewhat different each time.

    • Cody


    • Luke

      I dont know why, but this game didnt look appealing to me at all. The story seemed great, but the graphics looked a little outdated (especially with the battlefield 3 gameplay videos emerging now). Also, from what i saw, the mp didnt look like anything too amazing. this looks like a “play at a friends house” game.

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    • Greg

      When I played the leaked version, the story amazed me, with the pure brutality that is shown. Not many shooters have the guts to show the things Kaos does in their game. However, the graphics let me down. I constantly found myself being taken out of the experience because the environment looked so ugly at times. The indoor environments looked beautiful, but as some of the bigger battles happen, the graphics are toned down quite a bit. All in all a great game though, haven’t tried MP, me and the g/f are deciding between this and Crysis 2 lol.

    • Dave

      this is a rent game lol!

    • I agree with Luke’s comment above.

      There’s something about this game that just isn’t right. I was expecting mediocre reviews for this but have seen only 8+/10 so far.

      From the trailer, the graphics look a little like COD: Modern Warfare and there just isn’t enough hype around the game for it to be that big a title as far as I can see.

      There are some pretty grand statements being made about it being better than Call Of Duty and I only find myself being sceptical about that.

      Might be one of those to buy pre-owned a few months down the line.

    • Will

      I loved Frontlines: Fuel of War. Too bad, it was somewhat of a flop. This game is a no brainer for me. Did you guys know that some of the guys at Kaos were behind Desert Combat the inspiration to Battlefield 2?

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    • COOL_JAmal

      The Game Homefront is a shooting game. The game Homefront sets itself apart with a unique storyline. The storyline is about Korea invading the United States of America (USA). The game is packed with action. It is an action FPS. You can shoot people in this game. I loved the climax to this exciting game.

      Thats how you write dude

    • 5y5t3m

      if you retards are still getting games for consoles, please kill your self now. you ppl need to realize that this game is coming out on 3 platform ps3 xbox360 and PC. if you want to play a fps properly get a pc. you can change the graphix how ever you want you can customize the controls how ever you want. there is voice chat. plz grow up and move into the digital age … pc 4 life

      • @5y5t3m – If you think the PC version of the game is superior then that is awesome. Please refrain from the name calling though. Also, every version of Homefront has voice chat. That includes the PS3, XBox360 and PC version. Thanks for commenting.

    • clicheguevara

      The review was kind of mediocre, you should work on your writing style a bit. I preloaded it on steam and have been playing it for the last 2 hours.

      1. Anyone complaining about the graphics, it’s because you are playing on an xbox or playstation, they are both very limited machines compared to a pc. I learned this recently when I built my first gaming pc. Homefront looks amazing on my machine with the settings on ultra, better than most new games out there.

      2. The story so far is excellent, I’ve been waiting for something other than a generic CoD, Battlefield BC kind of game and Homefront delivers.

      3. Yes there are bugs, most new games have glitches until they patch them.

      4. The controls are kind of stiff( I’m using a controller though, still haven’t gotten use to a mouse and keyboard combo.)

      5. Like someone said before there are invisible walls in the game which is a total bummer, but one I can live with.

      Overall it is a great fps and it really does breathe life back into a tired genre. Especially all the backstory that you pick up through newspapers scattered throughout the levels.

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    • Thanks to everyone for their comments whether they were negative or positive. It’s appreciated!

    • Really great read about what is popular in other countries. You kindof gave me a new idea for new post for my blog. Just have to think through, mby translate some lines from your post, as there is no other way to write it as precisely and understandable, than you did. Wish you good luck and success with your blog. Cheers

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    • L

      So was this written by a 4 year old or what because the level of literacy here is approaching short bus level of special.

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