• Live the revolution and experience the most popular era in the history of professional wrestling with THQ’s latest title, WWE ’13.  The Attitude Era is back and while going through it you will be able to relive some of the greatest moments in WWE history.  Moments that defined the Attitude Era such as the rise of D-Generation X or the heated rivalry between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Vince McMahon are here for you to relive.  You’ll also bear witness to the ascension of the Great One while having a nice day.  WWE ’13 is a game that is accessible to everyone, however, this game is basically a love letter to the fans that were around for the Attitude era, still follow today’s product and, of course, pick up the new WWE game every year.  The Attitude Era is one of the big additions to this year’s title but not the only one.  Universe mode has returned with some enhancements that fans should like and even the ability to reset your universe if you want to start over.  A couple of match types have made their return and with the inclusion of wrestlers from the Attitude Era and current day superstars, WWE ’13 has the biggest roster in history.

    By far the mode that everyone is the most excited about in WWE ’13 is the return of the Attitude Era.  This mode features six different chapters featuring different time periods within the Attitude Era.  You’ll start out with the rise of D-Generation X since they were one of the groups at the forefront when the Attitude Era started.  You will also go through Austin’s story, the Brothers of Destruction and others that I won’t spoil for you here.  The entirety of the Attitude Era mode has over 60 matches for you to play through so you will be spending a good chunk of time here getting through everything.  While going through the Attitude Era you will also be treated from time to time with some great cinematics that WWE put together for this game.  Before you start a match the development team has done a tremendous job getting you in the right mindset whether it be watching one of these cinematics or simply reading the background of the match in a paragraph or two.  Long time fans will get a definite sense of nostalgia as they go through this and new fans will get to experience for the first time some of the most iconic moments in WWE history.

    Before you start a match you will be presented with the main objectives that you need to complete to advance in the story as well has historical bonus objectives.  The “match objectives” most of the time are simply something like winning the match whereas the historical objectives help you to relive these moments of the past.  Remember the infamous “I Quit” match between the Rock and Mankind at the 1999 Royal Rumble?  One of the historical objectives in that match is that you hit Mankind with a chair thirteen times.  One of the most famous matches in WWE history comes from the 1998 King of the Ring where Undertaker threw Mankind off of the top of the Hell in the Cell which had him crashing to the floor through the announcer’s table.  That moment is one of your historical objectives that you will need to complete in the game.  The vast majority of the time you are not required to complete the historical bonus objectives to advance in the Attitude Era.  Your rewards and unlockables will only unlock though by completing these historical bonus objectives.  Once you complete all of the chapters within the Attitude Era a new one will unlock.  This is the “off script” chapter and features some more matches from the Attitude Era that didn’t make the cut in the main chapters but the development team felt these matches were important nonetheless.  The development team also had the neat idea of including a ratings timeline where you can see some of the key events from the Attitude Era such as when WCW formed the New World Order.  You also have your video archives where you can watch any cinematic you want once you have unlocked it and the same goes for the photo gallery.

    THQ has one of the best creation suites in the industry that they put in to their WWE titles and WWE ’13 is no exception.  You can create a superstar, entrance, move-set, special move, story, arena, logo and your own highlight reel.  If you are creating a superstar you will get to design his look, his outfit, pick out his name, his wrestling style and much more.  Once you are done with your creation you can upload it to Xbox Live where people can download it to use in their game and also leave you a review.  This is a great way to get content that didn’t make it into the game.  Early on I have already seen the WCW Monday Nitro set created by the community and I know wrestlers from other promotions such as AJ Styles are always really popular as well.  One of the new additions this year is the ability to change someone’s creation.  If you see someone uploaded the WCW Monday Nitro set but you see they got something wrong you can download it, edit it to make it accurate and then re-upload it to the community.  This is of course predicated on the fact that the original creator allows for his stuff to be uploaded by others.  He can very easily say “no” and you will only be able to download it.  You will even earn a couple of achievements by reviewing community content as well as having your own content get reviewed as the development team is really trying to encourage everyone to participate in this feature.  The community creation aspect has always been done really well as it essentially guarantees you free DLC all year long.  If you are bored with the game simply go online and download someone’s new storyline or their new arena.  Create your own championship belt and defend it.  You can play the game as you see fit and that is something I have always really enjoyed.

    Not everything is great though and going through all of the modes I did have some issues with the gameplay.  I’m mainly talking about some of the quick time events and the reversal system.  First allow me to say that there really are only a few instances where quick time events pop up so if you are worried about that don’t worry.  The times they did pop up though, I wasn’t a fan.  Having to struggle with my opponent during a grapple and pushing the button as fast as I could is not something I want to experience on a normal basis.  Additionally, the reversal system needs to be either fine-tuned or completely redone.  You can reverse a move by hitting the right trigger, however, the timing of it is completely off.  You essentially have to be pretty lucky to hit it.  It quickly pops up on the screen but then is gone a second later.  There isn’t any warning either way so by the time you see it on the screen the prompt is basically already gone.  The AI at times can also reverse your moves entirely too easily.  I didn’t have it happen a whole lot but it sure was irritating when it did.

    The game also has some other quirks.  The audio would cut in and out at times and different events had different audio levels.  When Vince McMahon was cutting a promo there were times where I could barely hear him (I eventually turned subtitles on).  After I won a match though you could hear J.R. really clearly and really loudly talking about what had just taken place.  There were some other audio miscues such as during Zack Ryder’s entrance when he comes out with the Internet Championship and he is introduced as the WWE Champion.  For some reason the word “internet” is skipped over.  There were a few instances where the camera angle would change without warning.  It was doing it to try and mimic the seamless way WWE television is every week but it didn’t go off so well in the game.  There were also some visual oddities from time to time with some detection issues.  Overall these issues didn’t happen a whole lot and didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the game itself but I felt they were worth mentioning in this review.

    As I mentioned up above Universe mode has returned this year with some refinements over last year’s version.  You now have the freedom to create your own show while scheduling which day they appear on.  You’ll be able to choose things such as the presentation graphics, the arenas, the championships that will be contested and more.  You can also create a pay per view that can be held on any Sunday where you can choose which shows participate in the pay per view as well as the match-type theme.  WWE ’13 also features over 200 new storyline feuds for you to play around with allowing you to choose which superstar stands out in your universe.  There are also more matches per show, customizable championship rankings and the freedom to edit whole cards.  Oh, and if you don’t like how your universe is turning out or you are simply ready for a change you can also reset your universe this year and start from scratch.  For those people who love their statistics you’ll also have various things to look over such as how many time John Cena has won the WWE Championship or how many weeks Big Show has held the Tag Team Championship throughout his career.  If you don’t like anyone on the WWE roster you can also create a Universe with just your own creations who compete for your created championships.  Your universe in WWE ’13 is really only limited to your imagination and how much time you want to put in to it.

    WWE ’13 does feature online play and has most of the options you would expect.  You can either search for a session or create one yourself and wait for someone to join you.  You’ll have access to almost every match in the game to choose from as well as the match type.  One of the new features this year is the “fair fight” option.  What this essentially does is limit the choices you can make to the current WWE roster.  You won’t have to worry about someone who has spent thirty hours leveling up his wrestler to an insane level.  With this option you just pick one of the WWE Superstars and have a “fair fight”.  You can also search by connectivity strength which is a nice feature although I don’t know why I would search for anything under five bars.  WWE ’12 had some problems with their servers this past year and so far that problem seems to be fixed in WWE ’13.  Time will tell of course as more people get the game and as more community content starts to populate those servers but it was running fine for me and I didn’t have any problems downloading community content or wrestling against someone over Xbox Live.

    If you couldn’t tell by now WWE ’13 is a huge game and it will keep wrestling fans busy for a very long time.  The return of the Attitude Era is going to be the main focal point for a lot of people and then the Universe mode is a great way to experience the game once you have gone through the campaign.  The “I Quit” match and the King of the Ring tournament have also made their return in WWE ’13 and with the largest roster in history everyone should be able to find something to keep them busy here.  This game has a few problems as I outlined above but when I look at my overall experience with WWE ’13 I am very pleased and I look forward to seeing what the development team does next.

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    The TotallyGN Verdict

    • Relive some of the most iconic moments in WWE history with the Attitude Era
    • You have complete control over your WWE Universe
    • I dislike the quick time events. Occasional audio and/or video miscue.



    The Attitude Era is the main selling point for WWE ’13 this year and I loved every second of it. If you are a longtime wrestling fan like myself you definitely need to add WWE ’13 to your collection.

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    • Format: Xbox 360
    • Developer: THQ
    • Publisher: THQ
    • Release Date: October 30, 2012


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    • The problem my husband has been having along with some of his friends is his level he worked so hard to get keeps getting reset. This is making the guys very mad and my husband is threatening to throw it in the trash as he is getting tired of redoing everything all over again. Is there a problem with the game or just the server? They are on the PS3 so I don’t know if it’s just happening on that game system or on all of them. Can this be fixed and if so how??

      • Amanda – What do you mean his level? Do you mean his progress going through the Attitude Era? Or something else?