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    Recenty we reported that Marvel vs Capcom 2 would be hitting XBox Live on July 29th. The strange thing was that in the press release from Capcom they didn’t mention the release date of the Playstation 3 version. Well today Capcom has finally announced that Marvel vs Capcom 2 will hit the Playstation Network on August 13. Microsoft seems to have gotten a two week exclusive for this anticipated fighting title with no explanation from Capcom. Both versions will cost gamers $15 when it eventually hits each respective network. Until that time Capcom has released more videos to whet our collective appetites.

    Marvel vs Capcom 2 – Episode 3

    Jill strategy video

    Storm strategy video

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    • elusive

      ummm its 210 in the mornign and marvel vs capccom is still not up capcom do ur fucking j o b thank u.. its aug 13 alreadyyy hurry it up